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About Us

About Us

Welcome to NischalVastu

Sunnil Verma is the founder of NischalVastu. He is an Engineer and Manager related to construction field. He has vast experience of large construction sites at international and domestic level. He is Qualified Vastu Expert and Astrologer of Vedic and Lalkitab astrology. Other than that he is well familiar with Numerology, Palmistry, Fang–Shui and other branches of occult science. In his own words:

"Vastu and occult science has been my natural hobby and research work since very tender age. Being an engineer in construction field has enhanced my grip on the subject matter. Because my executive field is related to my hobbies and research. So it became blessing in disguise.

I considered my first guru to my grandfather Sh. RoopLal, who was a Government officer and was a natural Palmist. He was not a professional but sometimes used to see hands of nearer and dearer when in mood and Dyaan. In my childhood he loves me so much and used to see my hand and explained me that this is MacchRekha, this is life line, heart line, Luck line. These are the mounts of planets and predicted accordingly. This made me so curious. That was the seed which started the journey of my inner world.

Slowly I gained in this field. For every Construction and interior works project, back of my mind always used to apply law of Vastushastra and Vastu science which makes me more potent. I decided to do academic study in a proper manner for Vastu science, Astrology and other branches of occult science.

I feel myself fortunate to gain things from best of the best mentors in the relevant fields. I do Naman to all of them from the core of my heart. At the same time I convey my best wishes to all my clients and urge all to get the benefit of services we are providing.

Our motto is- "Happiness for Life"

Poonaam Verma is the Co founder of NischalVastu. You must have seen her in YouTube Videos and Facebook page - Vastu by Poonam.
Vastu by Poonam is now merged in NischalVastu
Mrs Poonaam Verma is a qualified Vastu Expert, Renowned Numerologist, Tarot Card Reader, Astrologer of RED BOOK and Reiki Healer.
Till date she has more than 70,000+ viewers on Quora, Numerous videos she has uploaded on Youtube channel related to Vastu and Tarot Predictions. She answered and gave solution of numerous clients. They all got benefited from her remedies and advise.

She is well qualified and worked up to level of General Manager (International). She has been Director of her own venture. However, destiny brought her in this field.
She has been given best solution to many clients in vivid fields of Vastu and occult science.

The Reasons to Choose

Why NischalVastu

  • NischalVastu is a one stop solution to all your needs related to Vastu and occult science branches.
  • The founders are well qualified and understand the problem of the clients.
  • We have vivid solutions for all of your problems. e.g A client can get services of Vastu for their Residential or Commercial building, can get analysis of personal/family members Kundali or Charts.
  • Client can get Interior Consultation according to Feng-Shui Principles.
  • Client can get Numero scope chart to know their good or bad numbers, Active/ De active Numbers, Positive/ Negative Numbers and many more.
  • Client can get analysis through Tarot Card reading.
  • We believe in construction not destruction/dismantling, we do not prefer to give advice of dismantling until and unless it’s necessary and feasible during our Vastu analysis and provide vivid solutions to get benefitted.
  • We believe in talk less work more to help out our Clients.
  • Our belief is in VastuShastra and Occult Science. At the same time has aptitude and consideration of Vastu Science and Modern living.