Nischal Vastu


Numerology is also the ancient branch well recognised in whole world. If anyone knows how to play with the numbers, nothing can stop to get success. Every planet is related to certain number this is where dominance of numbers emerges. If we recognises strength and weaknesses of our numbers and act accordingly, life becomes smooth and easy. Moreover this science is the easy one to understand and adopt. We provide best remedies to gain in life.

What NischalVastu Provide

  • There are different sort of Numerology follows worldwide viz.
    • Cheiro/ Chaldean Numerology
    • Pythagorean Numerology
    • Lo shu grid Numerology
    • Kabala Numerology
  • NischalVastu adopts Loshu grid and Cheiro/Chaldean Numerology. Which are the most prevailing techniques in modern days. However, we give some significance to Pythagorean method of numerology as well during our analysis.
  • Nischalvastu provide consultancy of numerology in-person or online as per convenient of clients.
  • Name Analysis and name change