Nischal Vastu


Vastu is a Science of five Elements and five Senses. This is an ancient science as old as Harappa/Mohenjo-Daro Sanskriti. With the time it elopes and emerged in a strong sense but never died. It is not bound to any Religion, Cast, Creed, Region or Country but for the welfare of the society.

Why We Need Vastu

We always need to maintain balance of five Elements. Once balance disturb problem starts emerging out of the surface in the form of debt, relationship issues, diseases, money problem, health Problem and many more. These five elements are water, fire, earth, air and space. All these five elements are available at planet earth that’s why life is possible. Now you can ask if it should have happened to all members of the family because of Vastu fault. It does matter to all family members but few may suffered and others get unaffected.

We would answer that this is the immunity of each person to sustain which we can see through astrology chart or by numerology chart or some other way. But it will run upto certain extend and other persons shall also be affected in one way or other. Moreover, if our some family members are not happy than how others will not be affected. This is where we can help.

Vastu Services

We provide Vastu services for Independent Houses/ Residential Buildings/Builder Floor/ Malls/ Shops/ Showrooms/ Offices/ Commercial Buildings/Hotel / Restaurants/Hostels/Universities/ Factories/ Industries/ Townships etc.

How to proceed

There are 3 systems of NIschalVastu consultancy:


Office Consultation

Clients need to provide scaled map with one direction marked. Needs to provide some photographs and related information. Nischal team will work on it and discuss with the clients online or at our office premises as per convenience of clients.


Site Visit

Clients can hire NischalVastu team for site visit for Vastu consultation of House, Apartment, Builder Floor, Shop, Office, factory, Industry etc.


Project Consultancy

Clients can hire NischalVastu team for full construction phase and interior works viz Township, Industry, factory, Mall, Commercial Projects etc.